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About The Empowered Women Network

The Empowered Women Network is founded by the Leading Ladies Foundation, a non profit organization with a vision to empower the 21st century woman for leadership, reformation and transformation.

Through our ten year project, themed the Women Economic Campaign (WEC), we will enlighten One hundred thousand (100,000) women in Africa with the financial education they need to initiate a life long walk of economic freedom.

The Women Economic Empowerment Program (W.E.E.P) is a financial intelligence program that gives women the power to engage intelligently in the financial world as well as discover and recover her empowered self.

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Our Mission & Objective

We are on a mission to empower 100,000 women economically, mentally, and emotionally by the year 2030, as they are prepared for their unique challenges ahead.

Our objective is to engage and raise the bar for women in Africa by creating an enabling platform of expression and empowerment that gives them freedom of choice.

We believe in the 21st century woman. In her potential for exceptional leadership and natural influence to rise and lead in all aspects of life, first in her personal life, business, finances, industry and the society at large.

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Economic empowerment is the most important form of empowerment, because women have no voice without economic power. Our intense introductory training through the Women economic Campaign (WEC), walks women through the process of becoming economically, emotionally and mentally empowered.

The Women Economic Campaign gives every woman the free access to become a part of the Empowered Women Network (EWN).

Join our network of empowered women today, and get on your path to financial enlightment and freedom of expression.

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