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Women Economic Campaign

The Leading Ladies Empowerment Foundation (LLF) is a non-governmental organization with a mission to inspire and empower the 21st century woman for financial freedom, leadership in career, business and politics through the vehicles of mentoring and training.

Our Goal

“Our goal as an organization is to bridge the gap for women through world-class business and financial education.”


Women Trained Since 2016

We Train Women For Greatness!

Through the establishment of the Leading Ladies Business Institute (LLBI; Nigeria’s maiden business school for women) in 2016, LLF has trained over 9,000 women till date deploring its world-class business and financial training through a plethora of training programs, business growth workshops and group mentoring sessions.

Our goal is to bridge the gap for women through world-class business and financial education.

By creating power in one woman, an entire community or society can be transformed. Our Women Economic Empowerment Program is contributing greatly towards increasing access to business and financial knowledge that is capable of causing a paradigm shift in the 21st-century woman, empowering her to make quality life’s decisions and sound financial and business decisions!

The training program is administered through the Leading Ladies Business Institute for One Thousand Naira only!

Join The Campaign

Sponsorship & Participation

Over time we have had individuals and organizations sponsor scores of women and also inform LLF of communities of women who they think would benefit from the program. We are convinced that you relate with people in our target audience, and you can help us reach them in two ways:


Introducing us to a group of at least 50 women.


You can choose to sponsor a number of women LLF already has on ground
with your monetary contribution.

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